Local Service

HAWKINSVILLE – Single Line $20.31 per month

Does not include the Federal Universal Service Charge, Federal End User Charges,
E911 Charge, and the Telecommunications Relay Services Charge.

Telephone Brochure

Long Distance

Unlimited Plan

$29.95 per month, no per minute fee

Call anywhere in the US, any time day or night.

10¢/15¢ per minute, no monthly fee

Call Houston, Dodge and Dooly Counties for only 10¢ per minute, and call anywhere else in
the United States and Canada for only 15¢ per minute.

All 7 Plan 7¢ per minute, $5.95 per month

Call anywhwere in the United States and Canda for only 7¢ per minute with a monthly fee of just $5.95.

All Calls to Cochran & Pineview are FREE!