Local Service

FortValley, Perry, Unadilla, Marshallville, Pinehurst – Single Line $19.95 per month

Does not include the Federal Universal Service Charge, Federal End User Charges,
E911 Charge, and the Telecommunications Relay Services Charge.

Local Calling to and from these communities

Fort Valley
Warner Robins

Telephone Brochure

Long Distance

Unlimited Plan*

$29.95 per month, no per minute fee

Call anywhere in the United States, any time day or night.

5¢ per minute plan*, no monthly fee

Call anywhere in the United States and Canada for only 5¢ per minute with no monthly fee
or surcharge. Calls are rounded to the whole minute.

Certain restrictions apply. Prices do not include taxes and other applicable Federal and State Fees.

Calling Features

Choose from our individual Calling Features to enhance the performance of your telephone.

Caller ID $7.50 per month
Call Waiting $4.00 per month
Caller Return $3.50 per month
Call Forwarding $3.50 per month
3-Way Calling $3.50 per month
Selective Call Rejection $3.50 per month
Simultaneous Ring $4.00 per month
Priority Calls Distinct Ring $3.50 per month
Selective Call Acceptance $3.50 per month
Selective Call Forwarding $3.50 per month
Account Codes $3.50 per month
Teen Service $4.95 per month
Voice Mail

With a simple touch-tone phone, you can enjoy the convenience of Voice Mail, a reliable 24-hour answering service. Whether you’re on the phone or away from home, Voice Mail answers your line, plays your personal greeting, and records messages.

Voice Mail $5.00 per month
Voice Mail Deluxe $7.50 per month


Restrictions prohibit using ComSouth’s Unlimited Long Distance service for certain activities, including but not limited to, autodialing, continuous or extensive Call Forwarding, telemarketing, fax broadcasting, data applications, VPNs or to continuously or excessively access an Internet dial-up service. The purpose of the plan is to provide unlimited domestic U.S. voice calling for residential customers. ComSouth reserves the right to immediately terminate or modify the plan if ComSouth, at its sole discretions, determines that the service is being used for any of the aforementioned activities or any activity inconsistent with normal usage patterns for voice calls. In the event a call is identified as falling into a restricted category, it will be billed at $.10 per minute.