ComSouth Residential Internet Plans
We’re updating our plans and pricing to better meet your need for faster Internet speeds and improved Wi-Fi coverage. Please call your local ComSouth office for a complimentary consultation and personalized recommendation.
High Speed Access

ComSouth’s high speed Internet access is delivered via the latest technology. For your area, this may be FTTP (Fiber-To-The-Premises), DSL, or Cable Modem.

Dynamic IP Address

You get a dynamic IP address temporarily assigned from a pool of IP addresses from a centrally administered server.

E-Mail Setup
Question & Answer

What is a Static IP?

This is an Internet Protocol address that remains the same everytime a user logs onto the internet. Because it is a “fixed” address, it is easier for the other Internet users to locate and connect to the hosting computer. Static IP addresses are available for $15 per month.


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