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ComSouth Glitch Guys offer a wide array of services including but not limited to:

  • IT Consulting
  • Free Diagnostic for ComSouth customers when you drop off your computer at one of our locations
  • Network configuration and setup including routers, switches and fiber
  • Cabling services
  • Backup solutions
  • Application Support
  • Computer Diagnostics

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GLITCH CORNER! This month's topic - My Internet is Slow

This month’s topic is “My Internet is slow” I hear this all too often when in fact it is not the internet that is slow but other factors are at play. Like saying the highway is slow, but your car needs a tune up, on the wrong road, or is simply out of gas. More often than not the problems fall into the following:

The device maybe slow, even before it is connected to the internet. Meaning the internet has nothing to do with it. Probably a tune up to clean up the junk would be in order.

1. Windows updates take up speed in the background. Windows 10 users need to note that once your machine is up to date, it will use your data plan to update other PC’s around the world. By default this turned on but you can disable this feature.

2. Spyware / Malware, virus’ all can be running things in the background that you are not aware of. Making sure the device is clean and not running extra programs such as toolbars, etc.

If we are talking WiFi there are a number of factors, starting speed, type and quality of router, distance from the router, interference and number of other devices using the same signal.

1. Subscriber speed: What you are paying for. This would best be tested before your equipment or router. Get a baseline test. These days, a single Netflix stream takes up a good portion of a 5 meg plan, leaving very little speed for anything else. Just like a water pipe only so much will go through it at one time.

2. Quality of the router: The amount of data going to homes far surpasses what was used in small businesses a few years ago. They used routers that cost in the thousands of dollars in some cases, there is no way a $29.95 router is going to perform at those levels. The basic router I recommend is a $70 Netgear N600. It’s dual band so you can load balance your signal. You may want to evaluate what other routers may be sharing the same channel as yours if you are in close proximity to others. One size does not fit all and bigger does not mean better. You may not need some of those advanced features. Age of routers is also a factor, many just need the latest firmware to be updated. Time to replace If it is older than 4 years old or if your are restarting it constantly to keep the internet up and running.

3. Distance: Think of the signal is like a wave rolling off, the farther it gets the lower the signal. Not all routers are created equal nor is it possible to get everywhere. Often in these cases a Repeater or Signal booster may be needed to get to an area that you need performance. Best practice would be to have the router in the center of the home, but this is not always possible.

ComSouth is now offering a “router rental” program. Our technicians will install and configure a Zyxel or Arris router that is a good starting point for a very economical monthly fee. It starts with a good quality router and does not address the other 2 issues I listed above. Our Glitch Guys offer additional services to open ports for security cameras, install repeaters, and more.

If all this seems too much to bother with, we offer professional setup of your new computer and data transfer and copying to that new unit as well as the above mentioned steps, at very reasonable pricing.

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