Cutting Edge Technology, People You Know

Now you can receive the benefits of an in-house IT department without the cost by utilizing ComSouth’s Business Services. ComSouth’s Business Services are a team of professionally trained technology experts that serve as an outsourced IT staff for businesses. ComSouth Business Services can increase the efficiency of your business through a well-maintained IT system and utilization of the latest technology.

Imagine having your very own Computer and IT department, with Professional Computer and IT Services for your entire computer and IT needs at a fraction of the cost of staffing it yourself.


Whether your company needs a new network installed or has outgrown its existing network, ComSouth Business Services can help.

  • File sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Organization
  • Shared Internet access
  • Data protection

Network Maintenance is extremely important. Network Maintenance will save your business money.
It prevents data loss, downtime, frustrated users, virus/spyware problems, & much more. In today’s cyber world Network Maintenance is a must.

Preventative Maintenance

Imagine being able to plan downtime instead of just waiting for something to go wrong?


If you are having problems with your existing network for example: connectivity  problems, slow speeds, slow logon, and/or data loss, ComSouth Business Solutions can help.

Remote Access

Why work late when you can just work remotely. We can create a network that allows managers, sales people, owners, network administrators, vendors, suppliers, or users working from home to access your network from off-site or on-the-road.

Hardware & Software

From hardware to software, ComSouth Business Solutions will install it.  We offer a variety of new systems and custom machines. Our techs will work with your software vendor to make sure your software is installed correctly on hardware that has the correct requirements.

Web Design Services

ComSouth Business Services has experience in all facets of web development, including implementing Content Management Systems, Custom Graphic Design, Ecommerce Systems, Portals, Intranets and Extranets, Flash Modules, Email Marketing, Mobile sites, and other Custom Services. When people or businesses move to your area they will likely use the internet to see the products or services that are available at their new home location. Don’t miss out on their business because you don’t have a website and they couldn’t find you.

Social Media Services

Social media can be defined simply as people having conversations online. As a business, social media outlets provide an opportunity for you to connect and communicate with your current and potential customers. But one thing is clear: Social media has substantially changed the way organizations, communities, and individuals communicate and share information.
Marketing experience matters. ComSouth Business Services has worked with hundreds of businesses, using time-tested marketing strategies, based on results. Social media is the new tool in marketing products and services, but some things stay the same… all marketing efforts must be performance-based. You need a plan to convert those people following you on social media to customers.  ComSouth Business Solutions combines traditional media with the benefits of social media, therefore providing you with turn-key solutions

Cabling Services

ComSouth Business Services are experts in the fields of LAN and Data cabling and can provide racks, patch panels, wire management systems, hubs, CSU/DSU devices, data cable drops and much more.

Prepaid Comsouth Business Solutions Hours

Our services and more in a conveniently packaged pre-paid discount maintenance plan.

  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring
  • Remote & Onsite Assistance
  • Active Directory Administration
  • Email Assistance
  • Software Management
  • Service Area Access
  • Network Administration
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Backup Options
  • Disaster Recovery
  • And more…
Bring Your Computer in for a Free Diagnostic
  • Diagnose problem and give estimate
  • Computer and hardware repair repair
  • Hardware and Software Installation
  • Spyware and virus Removal,
  • Antivirus Checkup.
  • Backup Data, Reload OS, Load Drivers,
  • Restore Data
  • Disaster/Data Prevention & Recovery
  • And more!