Q:Where do I find information on my local and long-distance calling areas?

ComSouth offers information about its local and long-distance calling areas on its website under the Residential icon at the top of the screen, then click the telephone tab and then the market you are in, or contact one of our knowledgeable customers at your local ComSouth office.

Q:What do I dial to get local and long distance phone numbers that are not in the book?

If you need assistance finding a number that is not listed in your telephone directory, simply dial 411. A charge for each listing given to you by Directory Assistance will appear on your telephone bill.

Q:If I get harassing or malicious phone calls, what can I do?

Contact your local ComSouth office  as soon as possible. Any information will be turned over to the authorities, not the customer. If you continue to receive the calls, call the local Authorities

Q:Are repair costs included with my service?

No. Most repairs are completed on a time and material basis. Should you experience problems such as static on your line, cutoffs, unable to hear, etc., call your local ComSouth office and a trained ComSouth technician will come to your home, evaluate, and repair the issue.

Q:Do I get charged for incoming calls?

No. ComSouth does not charge its customers for any incoming calls. Unlike the home phones provided through wireless companies like Verizon and AT&T, ComSouth does not count incoming calls against a customer’s usage.

Q:Why doesn’t my phone work when the power is out?

Certain phones, such as cordless handsets, require power to operate. This means, if there is no power service at your house, you will not have access to your landline using your cordless phone. If you are in need of a phone that does not require power, call or stop by your local ComSouth office and speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Q:What if I have no dialtone or can’t make or receive local calls?

If the problem seems to involve all of your phones, check that:

  • All receivers are on the hook.
  • All phone equipment is plugged into the jack(s).
  • All phones are connected to power outlet(s) (if applicable).
  • All phone cords have no damage or cracks.
  • Batteries in any cordless phones are charged and installed correctly.
  • Try disconnecting one phone at a time to see if the problem resolves itself. (Be sure to disconnect all additional handsets to cordless phone.)
  • If the problem seems to involve only one phone, be sure to:
  • Unplug the phone you’re having trouble with by removing the cord from the jack.
  • If your phone equipment is plugged into an electrical outlet, unplug it from the power outlet also.
  • Take it to a jack that is connected to a working phone. Unplug the working phone and plug the phone you’re having trouble with into that jack, and into an electrical outlet if needed.
  • If it still doesn’t work, the problem is likely with that phone, not the phone line. If it works, the problem is likely with the wiring inside or outside your home.
  • If everything checks out and your phones still do not work, please call your local ComSouth office.