Q:How do I skip commercials?

Using the Skip button on your remote, Kudzu you can skip forward 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 15 minutes at a time. The default is for 30 seconds. Every time you press the skip button, the program will advance forward 30 seconds. This is a handy way to get past programming you don’t want to watch or you may have already seen. Again, with ComSouth Kudzu , you are in control.

Q:How do I add extra time to the beginning and end of my recordings?

Under Find and Record, scroll to until you find your series recording. Press the OK button to see all of the details on how Kudzu is going to record the show. Current settings are shown on the left. On the right you can scroll through each setting and change it. To add five minutes to the start time select Start, scroll down and hit OK at five minutes early. You can do the same for when it stops recording. Kudzu will now check for any scheduling conflicts. If there were one, you would be asked to resolve it now.

Q:How can I see how much space is available on the Kudzu HD/DVR?

Bring up the Kudzu menu and move to settings and select accordingly. Of course, you can readily add an external hard drive to increase the amount of storage space up to the maximum of 2 and a half terabytes.

Q:How do I set up my Favorites Filter?

Just watch your favorite shows on your favorite channels. You don’t have to program or key these channels. Kudzu, smart as it is, just populates the favorites filter with the channels you watch over and over again. Inside your favorites, you can move through the list with your up and down arrows and make your choices accordingly – watching or recording whatever you like.

Q:How do I search for my favorite shows to record later?

You can either search for your favorite shows by name or by category. To search by name, press the Kudzu menu button and arrow over to Find and Record. Enter the letters of the show you wish to record. You’ll notice that as you enter letters the search results narrow down quickly. To search by category, press the Kudzu button and again arrow over to Find and Record. Select category and scroll through the list of available categories to choose from. Once you select a category, such as News and Business, all of those relevant shows are available in one place. When you find the show you want to record on the menu, touch the OK button to tell Kudzu to record this one time, record it as a series, see all times, etc. Kudzu will then confirm that there are no scheduling conflicts.

Q:How do I share pictures, music and video from my smartphone on my TV?

First, go into your phone’s settings and turn on the file sharing option. (This will vary depending on your phone’s make and model, and the capabilities of your phone). Next, go to the HOME NETWORK category on the menu. Select “Search For Devices”. Once the Kudzu has discovered your phone, select it from the list. The contents of your smartphone will appear in folders which you can browse.

Q:How do I see what’s coming up next?

Press the Up key to bring up the Flip Bar at the bottom of the screen. Move right to see what is coming up next. Flip Bar menu will allow you record the next show. You can choose from recording the series or recording it just once. Once again, Kudzu checks for any scheduling conflicts.

Q:How do I find the Arcade Games?

Open the Kudzu menu and move across the horizontal choices until you come to Games. Its colorful options make it easy to find. You can select from a variety of games, including solitaire. Notice your show continues to play in the upper right corner uninterrupted.

Q:How do I switch to the Grid Guide view?

The Kudzu Grid Guide enables you to find the programming that you want in just a matter of clicks. Open the Kudzu menu and move across the horizontal choices until you come to Settings and then look vertically for Grid Guide. Enable your grid Guide to see your TV programming information in a traditional time grid format. Once enabled, you can launch the Grid Guide view from the TV channels list or by pressing the diamond key on your remote control twice.

Q:I only want to watch HD programs, how do I find them?

Open the Kudzu menu and move left twice. All of the HD programming available is displayed in one place. The HD Filter includes all of the HD programming choices available on your Kudzu, both live programs being broadcast now and programs that you have previously recorded on your Kudzu HD/DVR. You can see the HD channels scrolling by in blue and in gold is the programming you have previously recorded.

Q:How do I set up Parental Controls?

Open the Kudzu menu and navigate to the settings icon. Scroll through the options until you find parental controls. You can lock TV ratings and movie ratings. You do not even have to lock just by rating. You also can lock by channels, if need be. These parental controls lock live TV, as you might expect, but they also lock recorded TV. Everything on Kudzu is monitored when you are not around. Notice when you go to lock a rating, Kudzu asks for your four-digit PIN.

Q:How do I record my favorite TV series?

Open the Kudzu menu and scroll to Find and Record. Choose series options. Find your favorite show on a list of things you have wanted to record. From this menu you can choose to record first run only or repeat episodes, limit recording to a certain time slot, and set the recording priority. The recording priority setting will be used by Kudzu in the event of a recording conflict. If all 6 Kudzu tuners are being used, the higher ranked programs will be recorded first.

Q:How do I view pictures and video from my computer on my TV?

Open the Kudzu menu and scroll until you see the Media Link Icon. Select your computer. You can browse by albums, by date, choose keyword, or just open up all photos. The folder names come straight from your computer. You can scroll photo by photo or Kudzu can play the folder in a slide show.

Q:How do I set up a recording for next Sunday?

With the Kudzu menu, you can see what’s playing up to two weeks in advance. With the press of a single button, you can advance your menu’s clock ahead so you can see what is playing on all of the channels at a certain time. Find a show and press OK to record just once. Kudzu will check to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts.

Q:Is there a mobile app for the Kudzu? 

Yes. You can download the app called “Arris Whole Home Solution” for your iPad or Android-powered tablet. This app will allow you to manage recordings, view the guide and use the tablet as a remote control.
For Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arrisi.mm&hl=en
For iPad – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arris-whole-home-solution/id571770112?mt=8 

Q:How do I connect my tablet to the Kudzu?

Make sure your device is connected to the WiFi signal from your Kudzu network. When you start the app, it will automatically search and connect to the nearest player. The app will ask for an 8-digit code from your player. You can find this code by using your normal Kudzu remote.

  1. Go into the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Mobile App settings
  3. Select ADD. An code will appear in the window.
  4. Enter the 8-digit code into your device and select connect. You must agree to the terms and conditions to continue.

Once the device is connected, you should not have to repeat this step, but you will need to be within range of the WiFi signal for the app to function.

Q:How do I change which player I am controlling with the app?

In Remote mode on the mobile app, you can select which player you are controlling from a drop down window in the upper right corner of the screen. By default, this will most likely be a string of numbers. To personalize your players:

  1. Go into the Settings tab on the app
  2. Select Account from the left hand side tabs
  3. Under Media Player Names will be a list of all connected players. Select one and type over the existing numbers with an easier to remember name, such as “Living Room” or “Joe’s Bedroom”
  4. Repeat for each player.
Q:What parental controls can I set using the app?

The app gives you the same setting as if you were changing the settings on screen. Any changes to the parental controls made using the app will be in place even when not using the app.