Q:How do I regulate my spam?

ComSouth provides its email customers with a free spam filter. This tool automatically filters out malicious emails and can be maintained by logging into your webmail at Login with your full email address and password. You can view your spam in the spam folder and manage your personal spam settings by clicking on “spam settings” in the lower left box. The personal spam filter works to filter spam messages regardless of whether you use Webmail or a client like Outlook Express. By default, the spam filter quarantines spam messages in a folder called “Spam”. Once activated, this folder is viewable in your webmail, or using IMAP. We recommend that you routinely check this folder to ensure no legitimate email is getting caught. All quarantined mail is automatically deleted after 10 days. From this page you can also edit your spam lists (Ie. Blacklist and Whitelist)

Q:Is there a way to change my email password on the website?

No. If you have forgotten the password to your email account, or would like to change it, you must contact your local ComSouth office.

Q:When I go away and can’t answer my emails, is there a message I can put on to let people know?

Yes, ComSouth offers free user tools to its email customers through our website. You can login to our webmail at using your full email address and password. Click on Email options in the lower left box. From here you can forward your email address or set up a vacation message/auto responder. ComSouth’s Auto-Responder feature allows you to set up a personalized out-of-office or vacation message to let your contacts know you are away and might take a while to respond.

Q:How do I connect my laptop, tablet, or smart phone to my ComSouth home Internet?

In order to connect a wireless device to your ComSouth home Internet, you will need to purchase a wireless router from the retailer of your choice. If you need help you can call your local business office.

Q:How do I set up my tablet or smart phone to receive my ComSouth email?

In order to receive your ComSouth emails on your tablet or smart phone there are a few settings that you must know. First, you must know your username and password. Your username is your (email address). For the rest of the email setting click Email Information.

For device specific instructions you can click here and follow the instructions for your device.

Q:My Internet seems slow, is there anything that I can do to speed it up?

The first thing to do is verify how many devices or programs are running on your Internet connection. Every program or device that is using the Internet will take away from your maximum attainable bandwidth. Some things you might want to check are simple programs on your computer like toolbars in your web browser, software update programs, or anti-virus programs that might be scanning your computer in the background. Once you have deleted or disabled these programs, and powered off any other devices connected to your modem, you can conduct a simple speed test by typing (no www.) into your web browser. If you still have questions about the speeds you are receiving, contact our business office to schedule a visit by one of our trained technicians.