Cable TV

Q:What is high-definition television?

HDTV has a much higher pixel rate on the screen, so the picture appears much clearer and sharper. In order to view true high-definition television programming, you must have three things:

  • A High Definition Television
  • The setting for HD turned on in your set top box
  • The appropriate cables (HDMI or component cables – available through ComSouth)
Q:What is DVR?

DVR stands for digital video recording.DVR allows you to record any TV program to your ComSouth set-top box and watch it whenever you want. Plus, you can rewind and pause live TV.
With ComSouth DVR, you can:

  • Quickly and easily record your favorite shows
  • Automatically record every new episode of your favorite show
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Record two shows while watching another
Q:Do you require a set-top box for every television set?

Yes for Digital and HD service packages. A set-top box is required for every television set that you want connected to ComSouth digital or HD service. We offer two choices in set-top boxes; the digital set top box is $4.95 per month and the HD / DVR box is $12.95 per month and gives you all the great DVR functions listed above.

No for Basic and expanded packages

Q:Can I move my receivers to a different room in my home?

No. Each receiver is wired to a specific location in your house. You must contact your local ComSouth Office to schedule an appointment for a technician to relocate any receiver in your home.

Q:Why do I have to pay for additional set-top boxes?

Technology advances so rapidly that ComSouth is continually providing you the latest equipment at nominal cost. Paying for these additional set top boxes also allows inexpensive upgrades, no upfront costs, and free replacement set-top boxes. Call our office to learn more.

Q:Do I have to pay package programming costs for each set-top box?

No, you are only billed once per month for your programming package choice. You are allowed to connect more than one television in a single residential household to our service. However, you must have a set-top box for each television you wish to have Digital or HD programming on. You will be charged a minimal monthly fee for each set-top box.

Q:Can I control what my children watch?

Yes. With ComSouth’s Cable TV parental block capabilities, you can choose the type of content that can be viewed on each television set based on movie and TV ratings. With this convenient option, you can choose to allow your child’s TVs to show only “G” rated materials, while you can enjoy your favorite shows on your television in another room. Contact your local office for details and procedures on setting up parental controls.

Q:If I move can I take my ComSouth equipment with me?

Because ComSouth service is only available in certain areas we request that you call before you move. We can verify if ComSouth programming will be available at your new address. If so, yes, take the ComSouth set-top boxes with you. We will set up an appointment for one of our friendly service installation technicians to come by and help get you set up in your new home. If service will not be available at your new address we kindly ask that you return all equipment, set-top boxes, cords, cables, and remotes to your nearest customer service center. Or you can call and schedule one of our technicians to come to your location and remove the equipment at no charge.

Q:How do I know if ComSouth is available in my area?

Call your local ComSouth office and speak with one of our local customer service representatives. We will be happy to check on current availability in your area.

Perry 224-4001

Q:Is ComSouth Cable TV available for businesses?


Q:Why can’t I just pay for the channels that I want to watch?

As your TV provider, ComSouth must negotiate a contract with each programmer which contain information about what channels we must carry on our system and what packages those channels must be part of. For example, a broadcasting company will only allow ComSouth to carry one of its more popular channels if we also carry several other channels from that company.

Q:Why does ComSouth increase its cable rates?

Every so often ComSouth must re-negotiate our contracts with broadcasting stations. Even local providers, such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX have the right to raise the rates that ComSouth pays to them per subscriber. This process is called retransmission consent. If ComSouth refuses to pay the higher rate, that broadcaster can refuse to allow ComSouth to carry that channel. If the rate that ComSouth pays the broadcaster increases, the rate that the customer has to pay for ComSouth will increase as well. For more information on this process, go to the ComSouth Website and click on TV On My Side for detailed information

Q:What do I do if I can’t get a picture on my TV?

If you have a snowy picture, blue screen, or if your TV says “no input”, you might be on the wrong input. First, check to make sure your cable set top box has power and all cables are secure to the back of the set-top box and the TV. Then check the input on your television (i.e. “HDMI1” or “video”). If you are on the correct input and the power light appears to be lit on the set top box, attempt to change the channel or view the guide by first pressing the CBL or STB button then the corresponding command key. If you still do not have a picture, try to reboot the set top box. Do this by unplugging the power to the box and plugging it back in after a few seconds. If none of these solutions restore your video stream, please contact your local ComSouth office.